Xocolatl Drinking Chocolate


Xocolātl, is traditional Aztec Nahuatl for “chocolate”.  We’ve dug far back into our ancestral roots for this beautifully crafted ceremonial recipe and brought it up to date with some flare. This rich ancient traditional drink is not only believed to be an aphrodisiac, but invigorates the body and spirit, activates creativity and is also a gift of wisdom and knowledge from the Aztec God  Quetzalcoatl. Our Xocolātl blend is infused with adaptogenic mushrooms reishi, chaga, & turkey tail. Then, to really add some heat, a dash of organic Mexican Chili . Wake up your senses with this potent Aztec drinking chocolate.

  • 4.oz Jar
  • Simply use 1.Tsp. per cup 
  • We’ve included a bamboo teaspoon to ensure a perfect cup each time!

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Additional information

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