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SōōTHa Luxe Mini


Sōōtha Luxe Mini Collection
This collection will ensure a much needed relaxed self care ritual. Light some candles, run your bath water, apply your mask and take some well deserved time for YOU.

What you’ll receive:

– SōōD -Herbal Bath Crystal Tube
– Osanyin – Hydrating clay mask Mix
– Ceremonial Sage Bundle
– SahaSrara Amethyst Crystal Infused Herbal Relaxing Body Oil

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  • SōōD -Herbal Bath Crystal Tube

Featuring Pink Himalayan, Hawaiian Black Lava and Epsom Salts. Relaxing lavender, sage, rose and chamomile herbs. Simply pour entire contents of tube into your bath. Please reuse the glass tube when you’ve finished!

  • Osanyin – Hydrating clay mask

This clay mask powder is a delicate balance of bentonite clay, green sea clay and red rhassoul clays. We recommend mixing a small amount powder in our mixing bowl with a bit of warm water and apple cider vinegar until its a smooth, creamy consistency. Its best to apply to skin after you’ve opened your pores using water steam, try to keep mask moist while on skin.  It will leave your skin detoxified, moisturized, and toned.  Follow up with our SahaSrara Body oil.

  • SahaSrara – Amethyst Infused Herbal Relaxing Body Oil

This soothing body oil has both fractionated coconut oil and vitamin E oil steeped within is lavender & frankincense essential oils , rose, lavender and chamomile herbs. We’ve infused tuned Amethyst crystals within this oil for its healing and meditative properties.

  • Ceremonial Sage Bundle

Sage is a sacred herb used in the energy cleansing ritual known as smudging or purification. The smoke attaches itself to the negative energy of the area and cleanses it so it becomes neutral energy. The burning of sage is also revered for its ability to kill 90% of bacteria in the air.  Our white sage is sustainably grown and harvested by our partners in Northern CA then wrapped with roses and flowers, then blessed by our head BrooHa in charge. 



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Additional information

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