RBG 7-Day Candle


Our 7-Day candles are adorned with the artwork of BrooHa Market owner “CHOKE”. These candles are tall, cylindrical candles that have the ability to burn for, well…. 7 days!  These candles are used to set intentions, honor loved ones and ancestors, as well as prayer, blessings, and ritual use.  The literal act of burning these candles combines the set intention with action, which in turn builds momentum toward your intended purpose. Great tools for sacred spaces, altars, meditation, ceremony, or just decoration!

Be sure to call upon this new ancestor for her strength, grace, intelligence, her willpower, and her tenacity. We will need it for the hurdles we have yet to face. Light a candle, burn some sage, and say her name along with your intentions …. We have so far to go, but we all have the power to make a change. Ruth did with every fiber of her being, so ask her to guide you during times of trouble or strife… Asé Asé Asé

We ask that if you are going to utilize these 7-day candles, please use caution and place the candle in a safe space away from items that may catch on fire, and always monitor your candles.

Burns for 120 hours.

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Additional information

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