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Cinnamon Incense


In China it is considered a ‘yang’ herb. Thus associated with the flowing of Chi (Qi). It is still used in Chinese traditional medicine to Boost the Yang energies of the Body, resolve the Blood stagnation and Edema. Cinnamon is also used in Ayurveda. 

In ancient Egyptian civiliazation, it was widely used in several rituals and rites thant honored the soul of Ra, the Sun God.. They also used it along with Marjoram, Cedar, Cassia and other exotic herbs in the Mummification process.

The Hebrew and Christian Religions respected and used cinnamon along with Cassia and myrrh to produce a Holy Anointing ritual.

Also good for: 

 Grounding,  Astral projection , Success , Abundance , Health , Meditation , Money, Energy  , Luck , Purification , Energizing , Aphrodisiac , sex and lust, Stimulating,  clairvoyance, Home Protection

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These pure resins, barks, herbs, gums and roots have been used in ceremony as ancient ritual offerings within tribal circles around the globe for centuries. These sacred smudge sticks can be used to prepare sacred ceremonial space, in your home and outdoors . Their purifying essences remove stagnant and negative energy, creating a warm, inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

Each batch is made with 100% plant materials, no added chemicals, scents or dyes ensuring a clean long burn.


  • Each stick is 10’’ each.
  • Burn Time – Approximately 1 hr.
  • Organic
  • Made in America
  • Sourced with careful Intention
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Additional information

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